I purchased the printable version of (Spiral Review, Spiral Friday Assessments, Greek/Latin Roots Books, All About Affixes), is the digital one included for free?

These are separate resources as the digital versions take 100s of hours to create. Many digital resources out there are simply an image of a worksheet/printable embedded into a Google Slide with blank text boxes pasted on top of them. Creating digital resources in this manner is a simple process that only takes a few hours, and you are more than welcome to adapt the printable version as described for your personal use. Our digital versions are all created in Google Forms, so teachers can save time using the self-grading feature, which is not available in Google Slides. As mentioned above, creating Google Forms is very labor and time-intensive, so we decided to list these separately. You are more than welcome to use the printable versions you own to create your own Google Forms to use with your students only.

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